Ambia Dual Zone Tower Heater


Customize your comfort with Ambia's ACH-260 which provides you with precision, digital, two zone control in one beautiful product. The two heater modules can be used combined like a traditional vertical heater; separated to direct heat toward two separate places or even used as two completely independent heaters! The unique tethered heater modules can be placed up to 8-feet apart--one on either side of the bed, one on each side of a chair, or each aimed at two different people. The two zones combined with the two digital thermostats are perfect to give you precision control over your comfort and your environment.

  • Use as a tower, tethered mode with modules 8 feet apart, or as two completely independent units.
  • Programmable digital thermostat with LED display.
  • 1500 Watts of Power.
  • Choose to heat the top, bottom or both modules.
  • 6 Level safety system.