Cuisinart 13 Piece Wooden Handle Grill Tool Set


This Cuisinart tool set is a simple and effective way to equip any griller for the season. The set consists of 12 individual grill tools inside a recycled plastic case. Each tool is cut from durable stainless steel and set in robust wooden handles emblazoned with the Cuisinart brand. The set includes an 18.5" Spatula, 17.5" Cleaning Brush, 18" Tongs, Four 13.5" All Stainless Skewers, and 4 corn cob holders. The tongs, brush and spatula also have convenient leather straps to easily hang them on your grill hooks. This set can handle anything you throw on your grill and it makes a great gift.

  • 12 Grill Tools stored in Recycled Plastic Carry Case.
  • Set Includes Spatula, Cleaning Brush, Tongs, 4 Stain.
  • Tools are crafted from durable steel and set in robust.
  • Tools are longer than kitchen utensils for easy use ove.
  • Spatula, Tongs and Grill Brush have leather strap to hang on grill hook